Is SagaPoll legit?

Is SagaPoll legit?

SagaPoll is an African survey APP that gives you a voice. Let’s imagine you just download our APP and after learning how to use it, you are wondering: Is SagaPoll legit?

Why should I trust SagaPoll? 

We are approved by Google and trusted by thousands of users. You can check it on our social media and Play Store reviews: many users have already redeemed their points and are happy with their money and with the chance to participate in our surveys.

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Testimonials of users that redeemed the points for money and are happy:

The Extremely, most credible survey app in the African Continent and the WORLD OVER. THANK YOU SagaPoll for an innovative, honest, professional and credible App. Thank you once again.
(Isaac A.)

Best app that pays. I have received my payment on 24 December 2021 after redeeming my 5000 points. At least I used the money to celebrate with my family and friends. Thanks to all the management of Sagapoll. Una well done.
(Vitalis-amadi T.)

I have successfully redeemed my points on the 17th in the morning and I received my reward the very same day after a few hours. Good app, give it a try.
(Zanele X.)

I love this app. I redeemed my points and received my money within an hours time. Thank u saga poll.
(Michelle M.)

Why is my voice important for SagaPoll? 

SagaPoll is a legit APP that connects you with a wide range of companies and organizations that are active across the African continent and looking for your views and opinions. By participating in these surveys, you will help them to develop new products and services or to improve existing ones.

Remember: Your answers are anonymous and the information is only shared anonymously and aggregated level.

How to make sure that our paid survey app SagaPoll is legit?

  • Check our Social Media: Instagram and Facebook: You can see there that we are active, we answer the community (even the negative comments), and we always bring new content on these channels. 
  • You can read the reviews at Google Play Store: you will be able to see that our app is trustworthy and how we handle user’s problems.
  • Check the number of downloads: this way you will have an idea of how many people are using the app.

Now you know you can trust SagaPoll!