Introducing Quality Score in SagaPoll

Introducing Quality Score in SagaPoll

As an app that is always valuing the truthful opinion of our members, SagaPoll is launching a new feature: the quality score.

What is the quality score in SagaPoll?

The quality score is how we calculate the quality and the responsiveness of your answers. 

Why does the quality of my answers matter? 

In order to help African companies and organizations to develop new products and services or to improve existing ones, we need our community to be as honest as possible. This is how we will create a better Africa for everyone.

Where can you see your quality score

On the main page of the app, you will have your name, your points and below the number of stars and your quality score. By clicking on the ?, you will have access to the quality score page, where you will have detailed information about your score.

Important: if you can’t see it, it’s because your APP is not updated. Click here to update your SagaPoll APP

How to improve the quality of your answers on SagaPoll?

  • Be responsive: we value members that are engaged with the app and our surveys;
  • Pay attention to the questions: read well the questions and the answer choices;
  • Be honest: SagaPoll really value your opinion;

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What can happen if you don’t pay attention to the questions?

Be aware that if you answer the survey too fast without reading it, we can cancel your survey for lack of attention or fraudulent behavior.

In the worst case, if you don’t improve the quality of your answers, you can also be banned from SagaPoll and lose your points. 

Quality control questions:

In addition to all of that, if you are a member of the SagaPoll community, you probably were asked questions like: What is the color of a red car?, or How much is 1 + 1? No, we are not underestimating you.  These are our quality control questions: therefore, we ask them to understand if you are really paying attention or just answering really quickly. 

Your SagaPoll Team.