SagaPoll Privacy Policy

SagaPoll is a user community and AndroidApp wholly owned by Sagaci Research.

Sagaci Research is an ethical user of personal data. Without the trust of everyone who answers our questions, we could not produce the research that helps our clients make better decisions. The security of your personal data is important to us, too.

We’ve tried to make the privacy policy that follows as easy to read as possible. If anything in here is unclear, please contact us at, and we’ll be happy to clear it up.

What this policy covers

As a data controller, Sagaci Research is responsible for using your data in a safe way, and that starts with clearly telling you how we collect, use and protect your personal data.  This privacy notice sets out:

  • What kind of personal data we may collect from you;
  • How and why we collect and use your personal data;
  • Why we may share personal data within Sagaci ReSagaPoll and with other organisations; and
  • The rights and choices you have when it comes to your personal data.

Personal data we collect

In this section we explain what personal data we may collect when you become a SagaPoll member, use our App and participate in surveys, as well as data that we may collect from other sources

Data that we collect from you

When you interact with our App or take part in SagaPoll surveys, you provide us with the data that powers our business.  While there are certain data that you must provide in order to use some of our services, such as account details when you join SagaPoll, you also control how much data you share with us.  Whether you only want to complete certain surveys, or all of them – it’s your choice.  

We will only retain your personal data for as long as we need to in order to fulfil the uses we describe in this policy.

Please note that refusing to provide certain information may impact your ability to join SagaPoll and take part in surveys, and that by asking us to delete your personal data you will no longer be able to participate in surveys.

When you register with SagaPoll, we collect:Contact details such as your name and email Demographic data, such as your age, gender, and general economic and household information Your account login details, which will be your email address and the password that you have chosenReferral IDs, if you are recommended by them Your geolocation data, showing where you are with your mobile device
When you answer questions in surveys, we collect:Your opinions on topical issues, companies and brandsInformation about your behaviours, for example what shops you like to shop in, what TV shows you have recently watched, or what kind of things you own Device and browser “metadata” (basically an audit trail of your device and browser use), including IP address, the make, model and operating system of the device you have used and browser type (this data is collected automatically when you answer questions in surveys or browse or mobile apps)
If you have been invited to participate in online or in-person qualitative research, we collect:Your opinions on the topics that the research is exploringWe may also record these interviews with you, but in such cases you will be given full information about the research project and the opportunity not to participate
When you contact us or interact with our website or social media pages, we collect:Any personal data that you may provide about yourself, including your name and contact details and the conversation history of our communications with you Any comments you make on our website or social media pages, and whether you have chosen to ‘follow’ any other SagaPoll member on our website or App
When you redeem points, we collect through a new survey:Your bank account or mobile money details so we can pay you

Sensitive personal data

Some of the data that you provide us may be considered to be ‘sensitive’ under applicable data protection laws, such as your racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or information concerning your health or sexual orientation.  For example, during a survey we may ask whether you regard yourself as belonging to a particular race or religion.  We use this information in the same way we use other information we collect, but the law may require that we have your consent to collect and use it.

How and why we use your personal data, and who we share it with

In this section we explain how and why we use your personal data, the choices you have over how your data is used, and which other organisations we share it with.

Uses of personal data for basic market research

We use the data that you share with us, or that we receive from the other sources mentioned above, to give you the best experience possible, and to provide useful research for our clients.  The uses we describe below form the basic agreement we have with our panelists.

We use personal data to…For example…
Register, authenticate and administer your accountIf you register with the SagaPoll panel, we will use your email address and password to create your account and authenticate your identity each time you log on, and your account details to help us answer your questions when you contact us
Select and invite you to participate in SagaPoll’s research activitiesIf we are looking to interview people in a certain region and demographic profile, we will use your demographic data to determine whether you qualify for a particular survey, and then use your name and email address to invite you to participate in that survey
Credit you with the rewards points that you earn from participating in research surveysWe will use your contact details to tell you if you have won a prize draw, and your bank account details to pay you if you convert your points into money
Produce aggregated and anonymous research for our clientsOnce we’ve gathered your survey answers, we combine them with answers from other respondents and turn them into valuable insights for our clients, either in the form of statistical spreadsheets or aggregated reports.  
Create articles and other content for our websiteWe use survey responses to write interesting articles that may be published on our website or included in news articles on third party websites. We will always ask you additional permission to do this.
Develop and improve our servicesWe use your survey responses to improve our research tools and methods, which helps us ensure that we are giving you and our clients the best possible experience
Respond to you when you exercise any of your rights relating to the data we hold about youWe will use your account information and internal identifiers to identify the data that is relevant to your request and respond to you
Detect and prevent fraudulent activityWe use your IP address to ensure your location matches the location of the panel that you joined, and we sometimes repeat questions during surveys to check for inattention or other indicators of poor quality responses

In order to use your personal data in the ways described above, we may share it within Sagaci Research, with trusted third parties who provide services to us, and on rare occasions with clients (but only if you have agreed to that specifically, within the relevant survey). Here is some more information about the types of organisation and what we may share with them:

Our clientsOur business is built on providing clients with anonymised research insights. On occasion, our clients may ask to combine your survey responses with their own data to obtain even greater insights. 
Our data matching partnersOur data matching partners create and sell consumer classifications that help companies understand the demographics, lifestyles, preferences and behaviors of consumers.  This information is valuable to our clients, and if requested we will add this data to the insights we provide to them. To do this we share certain personal data, such as your name, email address and postcode, so that our partners can match it against their own data and tell us which of their segments you belong to.  As with our other service providers, we only share the personal data that our data matching partners need to match our data to theirs, and we have contractual safeguards in place to ensure that they do not disclose or use the data for any other purposes.
Third party providersFrom time to time we will share access to your information to third party service providers. These include, among others, security companies, mailing, data storage, or others. At Sagapoll, we take care that such service providers handle your data correctly.
Other organisationsThese circumstances are unusual, but we may share personal data with other organisations if:we have to share your information to comply with legal or regulatory requirements (or we reasonably believe that we need to disclose your information for such purposes);we need to share personal data in order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights, including with our legal and other professional advisors;we restructure our business or if we buy or sell any business or assets we may share your data with the prospective buyer or seller;all or substantially all of our company assets are acquired by another party, in which case your data will be one of the transferred assets.
Other participantsAt times, other participants may gain access to your full name, particularly in instances where you emerge as a prize winner or actively engage in specific projects.

If you don’t want us to make use of your personal data in any of the ways described above, sharing your data with SagaPoll and using our services is not for you – you should unsubscribe, or contact us and ask us to do that for you. We need to use your data in these basic ways to be able to give your opinions meaning in the world, and to conduct the research that allows us to exist as a business. Further, if national law requires that you have parental permission to participate in SagaPoll, you warrant that, by participating in SagaPoll, you have that permission.

Uses of personal data for advanced research and modelling

In addition to the uses we describe above, provided you choose to participate as a panellist in this way, we may also share your data with trusted partner organisations.  Our partners use this data to create and improve their products and services, and to create audiences (by finding people in the population who have similar characteristics to you, via a process called look-a-like modelling) for advertisers to target with more relevant communications and propositions.  

How we store and protect your personal data

We know how important it is to protect your personal data while we have it.  This section describes some of the measures we take to ensure that it is kept secure.

We do everything we can to protect your personal data from loss or misuse, and from unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.  This section describes some of the measures we take to ensure that your personal data is secure:

  • We use data centres that have a high level of physical security measures to host and protect your data and our systems;
  • We conduct penetration tests on an regular basis and are continuously scanning our systems and applications for vulnerabilities in our systems; if you ever think that you have found a security issue or vulnerability in one of our systems please let us know at;
  • We allow access to attributable data (by which we mean data that directly identifies you) only to those SagaPoll employees who need it to carry out their job responsibilities, for example our support team to allow them to respond to you when you contact us;
  • We make security the responsibility of all our employees and we train our staff to identify security risks and protect your data.
  • After your departure from SagaPoll, whether by your request or ours, we will securely retain your personal data in a blocked status for 5 years. Upon the expiration of this timeframe, we will proceed to erase it from our records.

Our website may from time to time contain links to and from other websites.  If you follow a link to any of those websites, please note that those websites ought to have their own privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for those websites.  Please check those privacy policies before you submit your information to those websites.

Emails and notifications

This section explains the choices you have when it comes to emails and notifications we may send to you.

If you register as a SagaPoll panellist, it is integral to your participation that we are able to send you emails and notifications inviting you to participate in research projects, which could be conducted online via survey, by downloading a mobile app, or in person.  By its nature most of our research is time-sensitive, and without the ability to notify you that we would like your opinion you’ll be at a disadvantage to other panellists because you’ll miss out on opportunities to share your opinion and earn points.

If you would prefer not to receive these service messages, you will need to withdraw from the panel entirely.

Separately, we may want to send you emails and notifications when your opinions feature in the news, or to encourage you to refer your friends and family to join too. 

Email tracking

Some of the emails we send to you may contain a ‘web beacon pixel’ or tracked links which allows us to identify when you have opened the email and to verify which links contained in the email you have accessed.  We use this information to determine which parts of our emails are of most interest to you.

You can delete the pixel by deleting the email.  If you do not wish to download the pixel to your computer or other device you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time on your Account page on our website.

Your rights

This section explains the rights that you have in relation to the personal data that we hold about you.

Depending on the applicable data protection laws, you may have certain rights in relation to the personal data that we hold about you, which are designed to give you more choice and control over your personal data.  These rights are explained below.

RightsHow can I exercise my rights?
We recognise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, portability and opposition in relation to your personal information. You can withdraw your consent and unsubscribe, too. You can exercise them by contacting our team at 

Exercising your rights

You can exercise any of these rights by using the contact details below.  Once you have submitted your request we may contact you to request further information to authenticate your identity (because we want to make sure it is actually you requesting your data) or to help us to respond to your request.  Except in rare cases, we will respond to you within 1 month (or, if shorter, the timeframe required by relevant national law) of receiving this information or, where no such information is required, after we have received full details of your request.


Lodging a complaint with a regulator

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection regulator where your legal rights have been infringed, or where your data has or is being used in a way that you believe does not comply with data protection regulations. However, we encourage you to contact us before making any complaint and we will seek to resolve any issues or concerns you may have.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We can make some changes to this Policy from time to time in order to update it.  Should we change it, we will inform you through our web page, our app, or an email.

How to contact us

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback of a more general nature, please contact us at

Effective: Mar 29, 2024