SagaPoll: The African App that gives you a voice

SagaPoll is a paid survey app in Africa that gives you a voice.

Make money online from home or anywhere by answering a few questions.

It’s free!

SagaPoll: the money making app in Africa

How does our legit paid surveys app in Africa work?

SagaPoll connects you with a wide range of companies and organizations that are active across the African continent and looking for your views and opinions. By participating in these surveys, you will help them to develop new products and services or to improve existing ones.

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Fill in your profile in order to receive surveys

Answer surveys and earn points

Share your referral code with friends and both earn extra points

Redeem your points and make money from home!


Our members' opinions

Great, really happy with SagaPoll, an app that allows you to legally make money just by taking surveys.

Pépin E.

SagaPoll brings interesting questionnaires which are very easy to answer. I love the app.

Precious C.

An enriching experience because this platform provides an incredible amount of knowledge.

Soukou A.

It was good that we're having this kind of survey in a country like ours where people normally don't check en cross check what they consume. This survey would help us to know many brands and packs of both soft and energy drinks. And always the habit of consumption so that the company would be able to make better drinks for us all.

Sward D.

It nice app coz it express and VALUE other people's opinions

Kato V.

If there is ever a way to describe excellence and value in paid surveys, it's best to use saga poll to define the best paid surveys in this part of the world. I am glad to discover SagaPoll

Olukayode T.

Thank you SagaPoll. I received my first pay today. Never thought it would be this fast. The surveys are really interesting.☺️

Abdullateef S.

Where is SagaPoll available?

SagaPoll is available in Africa. In order to share your opinions on different topics, you must be based in Africa. By downloading the application and registering for free as a member, you will be able to:

Receive survey notifications and have access to them instantly

Access available surveys anytime, anywhere

Share your opinions and be rewarded for your participation

Exchange your points for money

Invite your friends

Join our referrals program and earn extra points


Invite your friends and both earn extra points!

Invitation code

Use the share button within the app to get your invitation code

Share the code

Share your code with your friends and make sure they use it when they download the app

Bonus points

Your friends earn bonus points and you get bonus points per referral when they use your SagaPoll code


How can we help you?

What is SagaPoll?

SagaPoll is an Africa online survey community that gives you a voice. By being a member of SagaPoll, you will receive surveys asking your opinion on several topics. By completing the surveys you will receive points that you can redeem for money.

What do I need to do to receive surveys?

You need to fill out your profile. By completing it, you make sure your voice will be heard and that you’ll get more surveys. 

How often will I receive surveys?

You will receive a notification when you have a new survey available. Please check the App on a regular basis to make sure you have access to a maximum number of surveys (surveys disappear once a certain number of responses have been reached).

How long does it take to redeem the points?

On SagaPoll, the average time to reach 5,000 points and redeem them for money is 60 days. This will depend on your profile and on the number of surveys that you end up answering.

As surveys are available for a limited time only (sometimes only one day), the number of points you get also depends on how quick you are to start the survey as well as on the quality of your answers.

If you don’t carefully read the questions and the answers, your points for that survey will be canceled.

When will I be paid?

When you reach 5000 points you can make a request. After filling your bank information, we will process the payment and in a maximum of 7 business days you will receive your payment. 

Can I earn points in other ways besides surveys?

Yes, you have a personal referral code within the app. This code is unique to you and you can share it with your friends and contacts.

For each new user that installs and uses SagaPoll, you will be credited 5 points. The new user will also receive 5 points.


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