5 tips to make money online in Ghana

5 tips to make money online in Ghana

The digital revolution is spreading worldwide, allowing people to make money online in Ghana. With more internet access and a growing number of people skilled with technology, more Ghanaians are discovering the vast opportunities available online. It is really tempting to be able to work from home or anyplace with internet access and earn money. There are various ways to earn money online in Ghana, whether you are a professional trying to supplement your income, a student trying to get some extra cash, or an entrepreneur hoping to grow your business online.

In this article, we will see 5 ways of making money online in Ghana: 

  1. Answering online surveys
  2. Offering freelance services
  3.  Creating a blog
  4. Becoming an influencer 
  5. Starting a YouTube channel
1. Online surveys

Online surveys in Ghana allow you to share your opinion on various products and services and earn rewards without leaving your home. You can answer surveys everywhere and anywhere you want. They are market tools used by companies to gather feedback from consumers. By participating in these surveys, you provide valuable insights. 

How to use SagaPoll?

  • Download the app on Google Play 
  • Create an account – it’s free ! – Provide your personal details such as your name, e-mail address and date of birth. 
  • Complete your profile to receive surveys – Surveys that match your profile will be sent to you daily by notification. By taking part in these surveys, you will earn points.
  • Take surveys and earn points – Surveys vary in the number of points they earn, depending on their length and complexity.
  • Share your code with your friends and you’ll earn extra points.
  • Redeem your points and earn rewards without leaving home! – Once you have earned 5000 points, you can exchange them for cash or call/mobile credits. Payment is usually made within 7 working days of providing your bank details.

We advise you to read our article about what to avoid when taking paid surveys in Africa.

Maximise your earnings with SagaPoll in Ghana

Stay active: Take new surveys regularly to improve your points and gain access to more rewarding surveys. 

Scan products: Use the app to scan product barcodes, share your opinion and earn badges to take part in more surveys. 

Follow SagaPoll on social media: Follow SagaPoll news and events, which can give you the opportunity to earn extra rewards!

Participating in online surveys is a flexible way to make extra money in Ghana. Utilising platforms such as SagaPoll allows you to monetise your thoughts while having the flexibility to answer them from wherever you want. Online surveys with SagaPoll are a practical and accessible way to make passive income in Ghana, or as a complement to your regular income. To maximise your profits, stay active, be honest, and take advantage of all the features by survey to maximise your earnings.

2. Offering freelance services

A flexible and adaptable method to make money online in Ghana is through freelancing, which lets you work on projects you are enthusiastic about, choose your own clients, and establish your own fees. You can use online platforms such as 15ghana to upload your services and find clients.

The following are a some of the most sought-after independent services you can provide:


You can offer your writing services to businesses or individuals. It could include writing articles, blog posts, technical documents, and more. The benefit is that you do not have to write about the same subject every day and you have a wide range of things to write about, which adds diversity to your work.

To do so, you will need to build a strong portfolio by showcasing your best writing samples to attract clients and gather positive feedback from clients that can help you secure more work. It is essential that you continue to learn new techniques and keep up with trends in the market.

Online courses and tutorials

Share your expertise by teaching online courses. You will have to create a profile, using a platform that works best for you. Then, design your course by planning your lessons, creating engaging content and setting your prices. To attract people and promote your offer, you can use social media. 


This knowledge is valuable as companies are very careful about the design and their image with the logos, banners, business cards or any other visual aids. Having a good design is crucial for branding and marketing, making your skills highly valuable to companies looking to enhance their image. Such as writing, you can create a portfolio to display your work and attract clients and stay updated on the latest trends. 

Web development and programing

Developing websites and apps for businesses can enable companies to provide a fresh perspective and innovative ideas. Indeed, as an external developer, you can bring new ideas and designs to companies, helping them improve their online presence. 

In conclusion, working freelance in Ghana provides a flexible and fulfilling method to make money online. You can work on projects you are enthusiastic about and generate a steady income stream by interacting with clients globally and utilising your expertise.

3. Creating a blog

A blog is an online publication written in an informal or conversational manner to provide information on a specific subject. Blogs have become extremely popular around the world because of their ability to reach a wide audience. Indeed, blogs are now an essential way for businesses and individuals to share knowledge, analysis and information on a variety of issues. Thanks to the variety of topics, there is a place for everyone. 

It is crucial to select the right topic for you and your future subscribers. Start by planning what you want to communicate, who you want to target and what are the hot topics you’re into. 

Blogs also offer various ways of generating income, depending on your needs, topics and resources. It’s very practical to create a blog in Ghana to share your passions while generating online income. By choosing a niche that interests you and adopting a professional approach, you have the chance to turn your blog into a thriving business while enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with working online. Take a look at our blog for tips on how to make money blogging in Africa.

4. Becoming a digital influencer in Ghana

Becoming an influencer is an exciting and lucrative way to make money online in Ghana for free. To do so, you will need to use social media to create and share content, build a community and monetise your audience. To expand your reach, you can be active on multiple social media such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Several methods exist to monetise your influence such as sponsored posts, ads, and product sales. Make sure to share unpaid content with your audience as well to demonstrate your interest in them. Influencers can be criticised for only doing it for the money and therefore not posting things they really like, which can weaken the relationship with their followers. So you will have to find the right balance. 

Establishing yourself as an influencer in Ghana will take time. It requires dedication, creativity, and organisation. You may have a successful influencer career by concentrating on your expertise, producing high-quality content, interacting with your audience, and monetising your influence. 
Also, remember to maintain professionalism and ethical standards to build a loyal and trusting community. You can share what you love on social media and make money doing it if you have passion and perseverance. Here are tips to help you in this article: How to become an influencer in Ghana 2024.

5. Starting a YouTube channel

Creating a Youtube channel is a great way to make money online in Ghana by sharing attractive and informative videos. YouTube allows you to reach a large audience and monetise your content using a variety of methods. Once more, pick a topic for your channel that will draw viewers—comedy, education, gaming, lifestyle, etc. To do so, focus on the topics that you are most comfortable with and that most people find interesting, just like with influence. To reduce the competition, do not be scared to be inventive and choose underutilised topics.

It’s worth pointing out that building awareness takes more time than social networking, because videos require more work and quality. Writing and scripting your video before shooting can give you real value and will make people want to follow you and watch your video until the end.

It takes time, effort and creativity to create a YouTube channel, but with a well-defined strategy and quality production, it’s possible to develop a loyal audience and generate significant revenue. By being passionate and creating captivating content, you can turn your YouTube channel into an opportunity to generate income while entertaining and educating your audience. 

The internet and digital platforms have made it easier than ever to make money online in Ghana. Whether you choose to freelance, offer online tutoring, become an influencer, or participate in online surveys, there are numerous ways to generate income from the comfort of your home. By leveraging these opportunities, you can achieve financial independence, pursue your passions, and connect with a global audience. Start today, stay consistent, and watch your online income grow as the opportunities to make money in Ghana are endless.

FAQ – How to make money online in Ghana
How to make money online in Ghana as a student?

Discovering ways to earn money online as a student can significantly improve your financial situation and enable you to preserve money for future endeavours. As a student, you can earn money online in a variety of ways. Some of them are as flexible as your schedule, as the 5 tips mentioned above. The goal is to find a flexible way to balance job and studies. You can find other ideas in this article: How to make money online in Ghana as a student in 2024.

How to make money online for beginners in Ghana?

Being a beginner is not an obstacle to making money online in Ghana, as there are numerous ways to get started. Whether you choose to freelance on platforms, participate in online surveys through SagaPoll, create content on social media or YouTube, or start a blog, there is a method that will work for you. The 5 tips mentioned in the article are effective regardless of your experience. Feel free to explore other ways to make money online and find one that suits you best. With dedication and consistent effort, these methods can help you generate a stray income online.

What are the most legit ways of making money online in Ghana?

Finding an online business that suits you and your skills is the key to earning money in Ghana; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s crucial to conduct research in order to consider your options and establish an opinion about what is available. The tips mentioned in the article are the most common and accessible methods. However, to determine what works best for you, feel free to investigate further options for diversifying your income.

How to make money online with your phone in Ghana?

The easiest way to make money with your phone would be by answering surveys. Having the advantage of being able to answer from anywhere, your phone would be the only thing you would need. However, other ways such as influence or YouTube videos can work jus as well with a phone, as long as you have an efficient one. Indeed, high-quality videos are a major requirement for success.