10 ways to make money blogging in Africa

Make money blogging in Africa

10 ways to make money blogging in Africa

If you want to make money blogging in Africa, you have come to the right page! The 21st century has offered us a new  way of making money from a blog without moving from our homes. However, because of the infinite possibilities, questions remain:

  • How to make a blog that earns money?
  • What are the steps to follow to make money blogging?
  • How quickly can a blog make money?
  • How much money can you make blogging?

Starting a blog and making money can sound difficult, but you will find all the keys to realize that it is actually very accessible. This article answers all these questions and advises you on how to start a blog and make money, presenting 10 ways based on your experience and skills. Here they are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing 
  2. Sponsored Posts 
  3. Display Advertising 
  4. Offering Online Services
  5. Selling Digital Products
  6. Webinars and Online Workshops 
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Membership Sites 
  9. Dropshipping
  10. Freelance Writing and Guest Blogging

What is a blog?

Before diving into the subject, let’s define what a blog is. A blog is a web page that is written informally or conversationally to provide insights about a certain topic. The word “blog” is a portmanteau of “web” and “log”. At first it only had a purpose of being an online diary for people to keep a log about their daily lives on the web. Today, blogs have become vital channels for organizations and individuals to exchange knowledge, analysis, and updates on a range of subjects.

What is the utility of blogs?

Nowadays when everything is accessible quickly and easily online, people tend to search for answers and knowledge directly on the web. The constant evolution of blogs allows room for everyone’s creativity and preferences.

How to start a blog?

Before starting to make money blogging in Africa, it is important to think about how you will create your website, start your blog and build your audience. What one is important to remember: Traffic. The more traffic to your blog, the more money you will earn. 

For that reason, here are some details to think about:

1. Choose a niche

Firstly, ou need to find a niche that interests you and in which you are good at. To do so, think about your passions but most importantly about topics that people are interested in reading about. You also need to make sure that those topics are financially viables. To help you in your choice you can ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my passions, interests?
  • In which topics am I good at?
  • Which audience do I want to target?
  • Which topics are profitable?
  • What topics do I want to write about?
2. Set up your blog

Then, you need to choose a domain name for people to remember and most importantly, that is relevant for the topic you chose. You also need to select a blogging platform. Should choose one that you are comfortable in using and that offers flexibility and features.

3. Design your blog

Choose a theme and a visual that is appealing and that aligns with the niche and the name you selected. You can customize your design by focusing on user experience and easy navigation.

4. Create high-content strategy

It is very important to set up a calendar and plan your posts in advance. This will allow you to produce high-quality content and have a clear view on your posts. You will also need to be careful to optimize your content using the SEO process by using relevant keywords, meta tags and internal/external links. 

5. Promote your blog

Once you have done all of this, you will need to build a reputation and promote your blog. To do so, you can share it on social media platforms and connect with other bloggers from your niche. 

Blog ideas to make money in Africa

  • Travel: Even if Africa is attracting more and more tourists every year, most countries are still too little known to tourists. This could be a great subject to tackle as people love to travel and explore new places. This is also a great subject to work with affiliate links or sponsored articles.
  • Finance: This is currently the most lucrative niche. People are always looking for information on how to manage or invest their money. If you are an expert, you can take the opportunity to create membership offers and conduct webinars for example. Additionally, you can do sponsored blog posts or use affiliate marketing with Sagapoll that also provides tips for each country in Africa on how to make money online through the blog.
Make money blogging in Africa
  • Health and fitness: People are becoming more aware about their health. Consequently, talking about new gyms, healthy meals or healthy living in general could be a great way to attract people to your blog. It is also a great niche to use affiliate marketing. 
  • Food: This subject is always topical, as people are always on the lookout for new ideas and recipes. Africa is known for the diversity and flavor of its dishes. However, you’ll need to be inventive to monetise your content (partnerships, offer your own products or services, etc.).
  • Technology: This century offers a lot to talk about in terms of technology. Most people are looking for the latest in new technology. Furthermore, Africa’s technology sector is rapidly changing, with the advent of innovative technologies and start-ups impacting many industries across the continent. This could be a good subject to cover.

These are the 5 most successful topics to address in a blog but it goes without saying that any other subject can work just as well, as long as it matches your knowledge and your target audience. It is also important to remember that there is no point in choosing a niche in which you do not feel comfortable just because it is reputed to be profitable. You are also welcome to search for other ideas of niche until you find the one for you. 

Once all of these steps are done, you now need to make money blogging. Exploring different approaches and techniques suited to your audience and specialty is necessary to turn your passion into a profitable venture.

How much money do you make blogging?

According to the financial blog Millennial Money, bloggers can earn up to $100,000 per year in just two years by drawing readers and traffic to this type of site. Bloggers might earn between $500 and $2,000 per month in their first year of operation.

However, it’s important to realize that this level of achievement requires intense focus and effort. Blogging may not generate a lot of money at first, and developing a loyal audience can take time. The key to success would be having great content and an efficient promotion. These two points will make a major contribution to increasing traffic and revenue.

How can you make money blogging: 10 easy way

1. Affiliate Marketing

Without a doubt, affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways to monetize a blog. By promoting a product or a service, you can earn a commission for each sale made through your referral link. 

SagaPoll, a paid survey app, is an example of a topic you could promote by creating content about how it works and underline its benefits and even add reviews. By being that, you could earn commissions each time someone downloads the app by using the link you added in your article. 

SagaPoll is a paid survey app that rewards users for sharing their opinions and could be an excellent affiliate marketing opportunity for you and for your community. Here is an example of a structure you could adopt for your blog on this subject:

  1. Share your opinion about the app: You can create a post reviewing SagaPoll, introducing it by sharing what type of surveys are proposed on the app and even detailing how people can earn money. Do not forget to include your affiliate links in your blog!
  2. How-To Guide: Support users as they take their first steps on the application by explaining to them how to sign-up, how the surveys work as well as the earnings. Adding screenshots and sharing your personal experience throughout the process could install a climate of trust between you and your community. 
  3. Comparison Posts: Compare SagaPoll with other paid survey apps by underlying the advantages of using this one. Explaining why they should use SagaPoll will allow you to add your affiliate links to direct readers to sign up. 
  4. Income reports: Share your experience with the app and your earnings report by using SagaPoll. You can also add other experiences from other people, offering a complete transparency to your readers as well as several testimonies.
  5. Social Media Promotion: In addition to the rest, you can promote your SagaPoll-related content on your social media. That way, you will be able to increase traffic on your blog and get more people to download the application.
2. Sponsored Posts

You will find a lot of companies willing to pay bloggers for them to promote their products and services in blog posts. Sponsored posts can be a lucrative way to make money blogging in Africa, especially if you have a large and engaged audience.

3. Display Advertising

You can display ads on your blog that will earn you money depending on the number of impressions or clicks. This is a source of passive income that increases as your traffic does.

4. Offering Online Services

According to your skills, you can offer your services such as writing or consulting directly through your blog. You will need to create a services page for your potential clients to learn more and make appointments with you.

5. Selling Digital Products

Also, you can make money from your blog by producing and selling products, online courses, or printables. The earning could be very interesting if you find a niche to exploit.

6. Webinars and Online Workshops

Organize online seminars or webinars on subjects linked to your area of expertise. You have two options: either charge admission or make use of the occasion to advertise your goods and services. Two amazing examples of blogs that do this are HubSpot and Hootsuite. Plus, they have incredible resources if you wish to learn about branding, marketing, social media, etc.

7. Email Marketing

Using your subscribers to build an email list will let you advertise goods and services. To maintain your list and make interesting email messages, you can use programs like MailChimp or ConvertKit.

8. Membership Sites

For members who pay a membership price, you can grant them access to exclusive content or premium content. Doing so, you can give them access to community forums, seminars, and videos.

9. Dropshipping

If you are interested in eCommerce, you may use your blog to generate visitors to your online store so that you can sell goods straight from suppliers without keeping inventory.

10. Freelance Writing and Guest Blogging

Finally, many websites are prepared to pay for high-quality content, making guest blogging an excellent opportunity not only to earn money but also to drive traffic to your own website. You can monetize your writing skills by guest posting on other websites or freelancing.

By incorporating these strategies and leveraging the SagaPoll app there is no doubt that you will make money blogging in Africa. Remember to diversify your sources of revenue and offer value to your audience in order to maintain development and success in the African blogging scene. With dedication and the right approach, your blogging journey will be both profitable and fulfilling. So what are you waiting for to get started?

Start a blog FAQ

Do beginners make money?

Everyone can make money blogging no matter how long you have started. However, you will need to use remunerated ways such as affiliate marketing or display advertising.

How much money per 1,000 views on a blog?

The amount of money you will receive will depend mainly on the niche you chose and the quality of your blog. According to the Blogging Tips website, you can expect to receive an average of between 20-30$.

How do bloggers get paid?

It will depend on the method they use to monetise their blog. Taking the example of affiliate marketing and SagaPoll, a blogger will receive a commission every time someone creates an account using the link added to their article. If a blogger is using the membership principle, they will receive money for each person who subscribes.

What is the best niche for blogging?

The best niche will depend on your interests and knowledge on topics but also on who you want to target. It is also very important to take into consideration the trends of the country you are targeting. You can also decide which niche to choose with the monetization you would be able to apply.

Who is the highest money making blog?

Timothy Sykes is the highest-paid individual in 2023, earning approximately $1 million every month via his blog. Timothy Sykes is a penny stock trader and trading trainer who shares penny stock news, evergreen stock trading rules, and calls to action to encourage readers to enroll in stock trading classes.

How long until a blog makes money?

Again, it will be determined by a variety of criteria, including your niche, audience, and monetization strategy. According to recent studies, it takes an average of 21 months to start making money from a blog. However, some bloggers begin earning money within 6 months and/or achieve a full-time income within 2 years.